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Abonament PDF

Job-uri interesante - martie 2019

Ovidiu Mățan
Fondator @ Today Software Magazine


Ne bucurăm să vă prezentăm luna aceasta o listă destul de mare de joburi atractive:

Graphics C++ Software Engineer - Telenav

Telenav is looking for highly motivated Graphics C++ Software Engineer to define and build new automotive software products. If you have extensive experience in C/C++ development and strong mathematics, 3D Maths, C++, HLSL/GLSL, OpenGL knowledge, than you are the right person we are looking for.

Scala Software Engineer - Identity and Access Management - Metro Systems

The Identity and Access Management (IDAM) solution is our internal effective and highly available, cloud-based service fabric that insures the Authentication and Authorization for Metro customers, employees, suppliers, developers, technical services and devices.

You will be part of a team of technical experts focused on developing the new Metro solution for Identity and Access Management. As a software engineer, you will develop mainly back-end applications that leverage the newest technology stacks to build modern distributed systems used worldwide.

Java Architect for Railway Industry - Accenture

Bring your talent and passion to Accenture - sharpen your skills, build an extraordinary career and play a key role in creating solutions that transform organizations and communities around the world. We are looking for dynamic and reliable Java Architect which can take part in our client's most successful and innovative project.

Senior SAP ABAP Software Developer - MHP

As a Senior SAP ABAP Developer at MHP you will design, implement and deploy SAP Solutions to meet MHP clients' business goals. You will take over the technical responsibility, lead other developers and fine-tune your skills in solution design, technical architecture, development, testing and integration.

Back-end developer - Connatix

You will be working in a new innovative team that develops advanced AI technology for content enhancement, one of a kind product in the market. Your tasks will involve solving difficult problems in text analysis and visual content generation by applying NLP, data mining and machine learning algorithms.

ITSM Engineer - ServiceNow Developer - Betfair

The primary role of the Service Management Tooling Engineer is to work directly with our internal customers to understand their needs and requirements, to propose solutions to business problems and lead the technical delivery of those projects. Our primary tool is ServiceNow and we are also responsible for Slack and Pagerduty.

The role involves working closely with other IT managers, the CTO organisation and departments throughout the business to champion ServiceNow, Pagerduty and Slack and deliver solutions which demonstrate clear business value and improve user engagement with the Service Management processes.

Senior .NET - UIPath

Cum ar fi dacă ai putea să fii tu cel care definește viitorul, ca parte a echipei care construiește forța de muncă digitală de mâine? UiPath caută Senior .NET Developers pasionați/pasionate de tehnologie și care doresc să își aducă aportul la platforma numărul 1 mondial de Robotic Process Automation. Ca parte a echipei de Product Engineering din Cluj, vei lucra direct pe produsul UiPath alături de unii dintre cei mai buni developeri din Cluj.

SAP FI/CO Consultant - Siemens

The mission is to work in the area of SAP basis as part of a service. The main task consists of supporting the Siemens central IT headquarters in order to operate the SAP systems worldwide. Additional activities include implementing SAP security measures, technical monitoring and support for applications in the environment of SAP FICO.

NUMĂRUL 143 - Software Craftsmanship


  • Accenture
  • BT Code Crafters
  • Accesa
  • Bosch
  • Betfair
  • MHP
  • BoatyardX
  • .msg systems
  • P3 group
  • Ing Hubs
  • Cognizant Softvision
  • Colors in projects